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About the Company

Tim started his "career" in the 6th grade as a statisitician recording shot locations for his CYO basketball teammates. He continued to be a team manager through high school and college, with tasks including--but far from limited to--folding uniforms, filling water bottles, keeping game/season statistics, and reporting results to various media contacts.

Upon his college graduation, Tim saw an opportunity to offer his statistical services to friends and other contacts involved with local sports teams and tournaments. With his business started in the unofficial sense, he established the name Anstett Computer Services and later registered the domain name timstats.net to formally establish an online presence to showcase past and present client work.

As a tribute to longevity and dedication, Tim passed the 1000 game mark as a statistician in 2004. This number would be higher if various out-of-season activities were included, such as scrimmages and out-of-season events.

Over time, Tim diversifed his client base from the single sport of basketball to add softball (1997), volleyball (2005), and soccer (2006). In addition to providing game statistics and supporting services, Tim also served 10 years (2001-2011) as the National Statistician for the United States Collegiate Athletic Association where he provided score and statistical leader reports for the association's championship sports.

In 2007, the decision was made to establish a new business name that tied into the web site, branding image, and his 25+ years of experience. As a result, Tim re-formed his business under the name of timStats, LLC.

In 2012, the company adopted the DBA name of "Tim's Sports Services" to reflect Tim's successful registration as a MHSAA sports official. Shortly after that, he registered the domain timsSports.com.